About Dan

Twice Drunk embodies Melbourne based artist Dan Wilson's love for turning empty beer, wine and spirit bottles into glassware, lamps and other stunning pieces.

Dan prides himself on creating high quality glassware, focusing on stylish angles and precise, super smooth edges.

His current focus, upcycled lamps, are created using the most beautiful modern and vintage vessels, lit from within to perfectly highlight the bottle’s natural beauty.

Materials are sourced from other local environmentally friendly businesses with a strong ethical and sustainability focus. Wineries, pubs, restaurants, bars, function centres, secondhand shops and friends all contribute.

In addition to the boutique items available on his website, Dan's work also includes custom made-to-order items. Previous jobs have included a beer bottle chandelier and a table lamp from the massive 12L “Balthazar” Champagne bottle.

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Where do you source your bottles?

I work with other environmentally friendly businesses with a strong ethical and sustainability focus.  Wineries, pubs, restaurants, bars, function centres and or course, my friends all contribute.

What tools do you use in your creation process?

I work with several tools but the most common are a Diamond Table Saw and a Wet Belt Sander. 

I live in Victoria. Can I buy from you to save on shipping costs?

Absolutely Yes. My home workshop is in Fairfield, Victoria (3078) and you're welcome to buy directly from me. You can even pay by Credit Card when you collect your order. Get in touch via phone, text or email to arrange a time.

Why are some items marked "Limited Edition"?

Some materials are easier to source than others. Limited Edition items are made from materials that were harder to find and may never be sourced again. 

Why are some items marked "One-of-a-kind"?

These products are extra special pieces, made from unique materials and created with care from a one-of-a-kind vessel.  

Do you do custom orders?

Absolutely. If you have a favourite bottle or vessel you'd like made into a lamp, carafe or something special, get in touch. 

Shipping & Returns

Do you provide International delivery?

Not yet.  If there's something you'd really like, drop me a line and I'll organise a quote for shipping.

How long will it take to receive my order?

I aim to have your order ready within 5-7 working days from when your order is placed. If it's expected to take longer, I will let you know. 

Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately I'm unable to offer returns. Take care when selecting your items.  

What happens if my order arrives damaged?

I go to great lengths to ensure I package up your goods safe and sound for delivery but sometimes, bad things happen to good people. If your order arrives damaged, I'd ask that you contact me within 48 hours of delivery and send a photo of the damaged goods to  gettwicedrunk@gmail.com with details of your order.